10 Major Safety Equipment Used in Construction

What Is Construction Safety?

Construction is a hard-core land-based activity that may include many types of risks and hazards, which can cost a fatal injury or even an accidental death of any workers or personal in and around the construction site where safety plays a major role to avoid such circumstances at the site.  In this article, we are going to discuss the safety equipment used in construction. 

Safety Equipment Used in Construction

Safety in construction is a disciplinary practice that shall be implemented at the site on a daily basis as per the standard guidelines provided by OSHA qualified safety engineer/manager at the site which may include:

  • Spreading awareness to the workers in form of regular training to wear “personal protective equipment”
  • Pre-assessment of hazardous risk at the site.
  • Displaying various safety-related signage at the
  • construction site.
  • Ways to keep material safely at the site.

List of Safety Equipment Used in Construction

As stated, earlier tools and equipment used in construction can be segmented into two levels one is at the personal level another is at the activity level. In this section of this article, we are going to list out the used PPE’s by the construction workers.

List of Personal Protective Equipment in Construction

1. Hard Hat or Helmet

Let’s begin from the top & the most essential part of the human body which is the head, and the head injuries from a falling object are the most common phenomenon in a construction site. Hard Hats or Helmets come with an aid to the fatal head injury and it also protects the head from harsh sunlight, rain & dust. Safety Hard Hats are made up of high-density polyethylene or Polyetherimide.

User Guideline:

  • Helmets should be worn properly by adjusting the strap of the helmet fitting to the face.
  • Helmets should be worn as per the standard color code.
  • Always check approved national standard products before use. ISI (In India) BSI (In UK) & ANSI (In USA)

2.Safety Goggles

Eyes are the most vital organ of a human and it is important to protect them by wearing safety goggles at a construction site, especially during performing activities like hammering, nailing, cutting, grinding and they can be worn in general as well to protect your eyes from dust.

User Guideline:

  • It should be ensured that the glass which is worn allows proper vision.
  • It is advisable to clean it properly with a clean cotton cloth before and after use.

3. Nose Mask

The construction site is full of dirt, dust & pollutant gases emitted from vehicles and various machines hence, every worker on the construction site should wear a safety mask to avoid inhalation of harmful gases and dust. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, every worker should be aware of wearing masks.

User Guideline:

  • Masks shall be worn properly by covering the mouth & nose.

4. Ear Plug or Hearing Protection

Construction workers are often exposed to a higher frequency of noise and encountered severe hearing issues hence, it is essential to wear noise cancellation ear muffs or earbuds especially during taking up dismantling or breaking activates.

User Guideline:

  • *Warning- earbuds should only be worn when taking up a specific activity, and advisable not to wear during site hopping.

5. Shoulder Pad

Shoulder pads are used by construction laborers at the site, to carry materials on shoulders like heavy wooden members, reinforcement steels, small steel beams, etc. to avoid cuts & injuries.

6. Hand gloves

Hand gloves are must-worn safety equipment while performing any construction activities by site workers say it, from carpentry jobs to bar bending work and masonry or concreting work it is an essential PPE to protect the hand from any cuts.

User Guideline:

  • It should be remembered that each different activity requires a different type of hand gloves. Hand gloves for masons might not fulfill a requirement of a bar-bender or a steel fabricator.

7. Reflecting Jacket/vest

Construction work involves a large number of workers especially in a large project, starting from the labors, engineers, machine operators, etc. hence during hopping around or working at site everyone should wear highly visible cloth or some upper body cloth i.e., reflecting jackets especially during the night shift, or during highway projects. It will help to spot workers from a far distance and from heights.

User Guideline:

  • Reflective jackets are distinguished according to the color code, green jackets are worn by engineers & managers, and orange is used by workers.

8. Safety Shoes

Statistical study proves that most of the accidents occur due to slipping or tripping over sharp objects like nails, broken glasses or steels hence it should be the first priority to protect our feet by wearing safety shoes, these shoes also protect us from falling objects.

User Guideline:

  • Shoes should be worn properly by tying shoelaces.
  • Always wear shoes with having steel toe guard.
  • Always check approved national standard products before use. ISI (In India) BSI (In UK) & ANSI (In USA)

9. Safety Belt/ safety harness

While working on high platforms above 6 feet or 1.8 m workers should wear a safety harness or belt to protect from falling high.

User Guideline:

  • The belt should be properly anchored with the fall arrester in order to protect the body if falls.
  • Always check approved national standard products before use. ISI (In India) BSI (In UK) & ANSI (In USA)

10. Face Shield 

Face Shield is a glass shield that will cover the face. It is very essential to wear this safety gear during this covid pandemic situation. Although face shields have many variants, a special type of face shield made with steel and a tinted glass panel is a must-use during welding works.

User Guideline:

During using a face shield ISI standards shall be checked especially during performing welding activity.

conclude, the all above-mentioned safety equipment certainly does not cover every aspect of construction safety, a proper risk assessment and safety analysis should be done by a qualified safety officer/engineer before the construction activity starts, as every construction project is different and unique the list may vary according to the requirement.


What is full form PPE?

Personal Protective Equipment.

What is PPE sign?

It is a pictorial signage to remind and aware labors to ware PPE at site premises

What is the most commonly used PPE?

The most common and most essential PPE’s at the site is.
3)Reflective jacket
5)Safety Belt- at height



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