About Us

About Us

Welcome to Construction Hike. Here on this website, you will get all updates related to the Construction Real Estate & Architecture industry.

Construction is a very diverse industry with a variety of stakeholders, and a variety of projects. Each project is unique and different. So every stakeholder or individual has to keep themselves updated with tons of information required for the successful completion of a construction project.

Problems Of The Construction Professionals?

  • It is very difficult for a newbie construction professional to make move towards the right career & the suitable profile of the job, most of the engineering graduates coming out with their degrees are completely unaware of the immense construction industry. Most students could not be able to sync between the industry requirement & what they are thought in college.
  • More than 80 % of civil engineers start their career as a site execution engineer but could not be able to navigate their career as desired & wonders about what to do next?
  • For a fresh civil engineer, it is very difficult to land their first job as they do not have the basic site knowledge.

Here Is the Solution, on this website you will get a 360° solution for all construction professionals.

What will you find here

  • Career guidance
  • Daily Job updates
  • Required industry knowledge
  • Construction News & updates
  • Best courses for civil engineers
  • Professional certifications for career growth
  • Site management tips
  • Constructions management tips

So to stay updated with the construction industry related trend, news & jobs keep visiting our website.

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