20 Different Types Of Doors Used In Buildings Ultimate Guide

Different Types Of Doors- Used In Buildings

Doors are the welcoming element of your beautifully made home, It is the first thing or element that your guests or visitors see first. One should always be concerned about what are the types of doors that are being used in their home to fulfill the purpose and it is very much essential to know for everyone who is building their own house.

Types-of Doors Used In Buildings

It is the article you going to discover the details of all types of doors categorized by theirs.

  • Arrangement Of Components
  • Nature Of Operations
  • Types Of Material Used
  • Method Of Construction
Classification Based On Types Of Doors

Based On Arrangement Of Components 


  • Battened & Ledged Doors
  • Battened, Ledged & Braced Doors
  • Battened, Ledged & Framed Doors
  • Battened, Ledged, Braced & Framed Doors


Based On Nature Of Operations
  • Sliding Doors
  • Revolving Doors 
  • Folding Doors
  • Swinging Doors
  • Collapsible Doors
  • Rolling Shutter Doors
  • Pivoted Doors
Based On Type Of Material Used 
  • Mild Steel Sheet Doors
  • Corrugated Doors 
  • Hollow Metal Doors 
  • Metal Covered Ply Wood Doors
Based On Method Of Construction
  • Framed & Panelled Doors 
  • Flush Doors 
  • Glazed Doors 
  • Louvered Doors 
  • Wire-Gauge Doors

On the above table, we have listed the different categories. So, let’s discuss each type of door in a broader way.

Types Of Doors Based On Arrangement Of Components 

Battened And Ledged Doors

This is the simple type of door, especially suitable for narrow openings. The door is formed of vertical bonds called battens, which are usually tonged and grooved, and are fixed together by horizontal support known as ledges.

Types Of Doors Battened And Ledged Doors.

  • Battens are 100 to 150 mm wide and 20 to 30 mm thick.
  • Ledges are 100 to 200 mm wide and 25 to 30mm thick.

There are generally three ledges provided in a door top middle and bottom, and the door is hung to the frame by means of T-hinges of steel.

Battened, Ledged And Braced Doors

These doors are improved variations of battened and leged doors, in which additional inclined or diagonal members of the door, called braces. These are provided to impart extra rigidity to the door.

Types Of Doors Battened Ledged And Braced Doors

These doors are used for large openings, can be as the main door.

  • The braces are 100 to 150 mm wide and have the same thickness as the ledges.

The braces are simply housed in the ledges. It is essential that braces slope upwards from the handing side since they have to work as sturts, to take the whole compression coming into the frame.

Battened, Ledged And Framed Doors

This door is an improved form of simple battened and pledged doors, in which the frame, work for the shutter is provided in the form of two verticals known as style.

Types Of Doors Battened Ledged And Framed Doors..

  • Styles are generally 100 mm wide and 40 mm thick.

There are three ledges that are generally provided in a door, and the total thickness of style is adjusted equal to the thickness of ledges plus to the thickness of the batten.

Battened, Ledged, Braced, And Framed Doors

This door is a modification of the three types of doors discussed above, with the provision of additional braces, provided diagonally between the ledges, to increase its strength, durability, and appearance.

Types Of Doors Battened Ledged Braced And Framed Doors.

  • The braces are housed into ledges at about 40 mm from the style.

These doors consist of battens, two vertical members called style, three ledges, and two braces. The battens are generally two grooved, tonged, and V-Jointed.

Types Of Doors Based On Nature Of Operations

Sliding Doors

This is such a kind of door, the shutter slides on the sides with the help of Runners and Guide Rails. The door might have one, two, or even thee sliding shutters depending upon the size of the opening or the space available for the sliders to slide.


Where it’s used:

  • generally used in bedside balconies or to access the back or front yard garden.

Revolving Doors

Such doors are provided for entrance to one and exit of another person simultaneously and close automatically when not in use.

This door consists of centrally placed mullion to which two radiant shutters are attached.

The mullion or the vertical member is supported on ball bearings at the bottom and at the top as well, so that rotation occurs without any jerk, friction, and noise.

Types Of Doors Revolving Doors

The Shutter might be made of fully glazed, fully paneled, or partly glazing, partly paneled. the shutters and the mullions are enclosed in a vestibule, vertical rubber pieces are provided at the rubbing ends of shutters to prevent drought of air. The radiating shutters can be folded where the traffic is more.

Where it’s used:

  • These doors are provided in air-conditioned buildings.
  • These doors are generally provided in public buildings such as office buildings, banks, and art galleries.

Folding Doors

This is the kind of doors that are used in residential buildings and bungalows, the frame of the door might be made up of wood, aluminum, or PVC and the glasses panels are fitted on the middle section of the door.

Types Of Doors Folding Doors

Glass panels can be one section or tow depends upon the requirement of design, these doors are used instead of sliding door as the sliding door panels occupy and frizzes more place, whereas the panels of folding doors can be folded and hence, occupies the little space and allows more air to flow.

Where it’s used:

  • Can be used between the living room and bedrooms
  • Can also be used to access the verandah or gardens

Swinging Doors

Swing door has a leaf attached to the door frame by means of special double action spring hinge, so that shutter can be moved both inwards or outwards as desired.

Types Of Doors Swinging Doors

Such doors can have a single or double leaf as well when the door is used slight pus has to be made the sprig takes the action and brings the shutter back in its position.

Where it’s used:

  • These doors are used in an office building for offices room to maintain extra privacy. ( used in the police station )

Collapsible  Doors

This is the most common type of door you must be aware of, these doors are used in building to provide extra safety and protection. The door neither requires hinges for opening and closing nor any frame or hanging item. It acts as a steel curtain that can be opened or closed by little horizontal push or pull.

Types Of Doors Collapsible Doors

These doors are fabricated don double channels and joined together with hollows on the inside so that a vertical gap is created. The door is also provided with handles locking arrangements and stoppers.

Where it’s used:

  • Generally used in godowns, workshops, shades, etc.
  • Also used in residential buildings where the opening is large a single or double leaf door cannot be provided.

Rolling Shutter Doors

These doors are quite strong and offer proper safety to the property. The door consists of a frame, a drum, and a shutter of a thin steel plate with corrugation Known as lathes or slates. These plates are about 1 to 1.25 mm thick and inner locked together.

Types Of Doors Rolling Shutter Doors

The Frame has steel guides on the sides in which the shutters move and the coils in the drum. The diameter of the drum varies from 200 to 300 mm.

Horizontal shaft springs are provided in the drum, due to which the shutters are opened or closed by small little vertical push or pull.

Rolling shutters are of generally two types

  • Manual push-pull type
  • Mechanical gear type shutter.

Where it’s used:

  • Commonly used for garages, godowns, shops, etc.

Pivoted Doors

Pivoted doors are attached and act on an especially supported pivot hinge fixed with a pin at the top and the bottom of the door. The door panels are made up of glasses which is fixed on an aluminum or PVC frame.

Types Of Doors Pivoted Doors

The hinges are fixed in the middle of the frame holding at the top and the bottom and the door flips aside when it opened.

Where it’s used:

It is used as an entrance door.

Types Of Doors Based On Methode Of Construction

Framed And Panelled Doors

These types of doors are widely used in almost every urban household since they are strong and give a better aesthetical appearance than battened doors.

Types Of Doors Framed And Paneled Doors.

This door consists of a frame of vertical members called style and horizontal members called rails, which are grooved along the inner edges of the frame to hold the panels.panels are made up of plywood, solid wood, blackboard, or even glasses.

These types of doors might have one panel two panels three panels or even multiple panels it can be designed as per the requirement.

Where it’s used:

  • It is the most commonly used door for residential buildings.
  • Can be used as the main entrance door.

Flush Doors

Flush doors are becoming increasingly popular these days because of their appealing appearance, simplicity of construction, and less cost better strength and durability.

Types Of Doors Framed And Paneled Doors.

These doors are made up of solid or semi-solid plywood. These are generally of two types

  • Solid core flush door
  • Hollow-core flush door.

Where it’s used:

  • Commonly used in residential and commercial buildings.

Glazed Doors

Such types of doors are fully glazed or the can be partly glazed and partly paneled. The glass is fixed into rebates provided in wooden sash bars and secured by ‘rails putty’ or by wooden beads fixed to the frame.

Types Of Doors Glazed Doors

Partly glazed doors are sometimes provided with stiles which are gradually diminishing at lock rail to improve the elevation and to permit more area into glazed panels.

Where it’s used:

  • The glazed door is provided where additional light is required.
  • Such doors are used in residential and as well as commercial buildings.

Louvered Doors

Louvered doors permit free ventilation of air through them, and at the same time, it maintains the privacy of the room these are the types of doors that are used in old buildings.

Types Of Doors Louvered Doors

These doors are either louvered its full length or partly louvered and partly paneled. The louvers are arranged at such an inclination that the vision is obstructed while they permit air into the room.

This is achieved by fixing the upper back edge of the louver higher than the lower front edge of the louver just above it. louvers may be either fixed or movable.

Where it’s used:

  • Generally used in toilets to achieve decent airflow at the same time blocking the vision.

Wired Gauged Doors

In these types of doors wire mesh is provided in the panels and therefore they permit free passage of air. The door is formed of a wooden framework consisting of vertical styles and horizontal rails, and the panels openings are fitted with fine mesh galvanized wire mesh.

Types Of Doors Wired Gauged Doors.

The wire gauge is fixed by means of nails and timber beading, generally, the door has two shutters the inner shutter is fully paneled while the outer ones have wire gauged panels.

Where it’s used:

  • These types of doors provide to restrict the entry of flies, mosquitoes, and insects.
  • Commonly used in refreshment rooms, hotels, food, and sweet shops.

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